ConZoom - Consumer Goods Industry

SAP® S/4HANA is the next-generation, real-time ERP suite built for the digital age. It forms the digital core to connect your enterprise with people, business networks, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and more.

Intellect is an SAP Gold Partner based out of Navi Mumbai, India and one of the leading SAP services companies with expert consulting experience in delivering SAP projects in multiple verticals, across geographies. The engagements have ranged from creating a business case to implementing & supporting SAP solutions.

ConZOOM is an SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution built by Intellect on SAP S/4HANA and is pre-configured for the consumer goods industry using best practices as the base.

Companies can operate their business processes and functions on SAP Solutions including planning, purchase, inventory, production, quality, sales and accounts. The solution also has tweaks including reports, add on functions and relevant Fiori apps required by the consumer goods industry. And companies can quickly adopt and start using SAP S/4HANA in as short as 12 weeks time.

Intellect has worked with large and small companies in the consumer goods / distribution industry and has developed tools such as forecasting, automation of replenishment, Advertising and Promotion, that address the key pain areas in this industry.



Large catalogue of Industry business processes

Built-in Industry KPIs

Proven methodology and solution

Become productive qucikly across processes

Quick and smooth adoption of system

Manage business more objectively and effectively


Depth of experience in consumer goods industry

Understanding of India specific requirements

Client base of 180+ customers on SAP

Practical solutions with value add enhancements

History of successful project deliveries

Blend of consulting skills with 'rooted to the ground' approach

Server Sizing

SAP S/4HANA PRD DB Server - 128GB, HANA DB Server (Linux)

PRD App Server - 32 GB, 4 vCPU, 300GB Disk (Linux/Windows)

DEV+QA DB Server - 256GB, HANA DB Server (Linux)

DEV+QA App Server - 32GB, 4 vCPU, 300GB Disk (Linux/Windows)

Fiori Gateway - 4 vCPU, 32GB, 400GB Disk (Linux/Windows)

Solution Manger - 2 vCPU, 16GB, 300GB Disk (Linux/Windows)

Standard Scenarios Covered


Procurement of Materials - Domestic & Imports

Procurement of Services

Procurement of Capital Goods - Domestic & Imports


Reports - Current Stock, Stock as on Date, Requisition List, PO List, Goods       receipt list, Purchase register based on GRN or Invoice

Outputs - Purchase Order - (Material, Services), Goods receipt note


Make to Stock Production, Make to Order Production

Rework and Scrap Processing

Blending & Repackaging

Co-Products, By-Products

Recipe, Product Costing

Batch Management, Batch Costing

Active Ingredient Processing

Reports - Production report, Cycle Time report, Requirement List,       Reservation List, Outputs - Pick List


Inquiry / Quotation handling

Order Processing - Factory, Depot, Exports, Inter Company

Indents & stock transfers

FEFO / FMFO based dispatches

MRP, list price, Customer specific price and discount

Promotional schemes

Sample Sales

Order Costing, Credit Management

Customer complaint and return order process

Debit and Credit Memo Processing

Reports - Order List, Conversion List, Delivery List, Invoice List

Output - Quotation, Order Confirmation, Invoice



Incoming Quality

Outgoing Quality

Reports - Inspection Lots List, Results list

Output - Certificate of Analysis


General Ledger

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Bank Accounting, Asset Accounting

Reports - Customer Aging, Customer Ledger, Vendor Aging, Vendor Ledger,       Trial Balance, Balance sheet, P&L etc.

Output - Cheque, Payment Advice, Balance confirmation Letter

Management Accounting and Costing

Product Costing

Profit Center Accounting

Cost Center Accounting

Internal Order Accounting

Profitability Analysis

Reports - Cost Center - Plan vs Actual, Profitability Analysis by Customer,       Material, Region, Country, Material Group, Customer Group, Sales Group etc.

Statutory Compliances

GST Invoice, Tax Invoice


Depreciation as per Companies Act/Income Tax Act

Reports - Purchase Register, Sales Register, e-TDS report, GST Base       Reports

Fiori & Developments

All relevant standard Fiori Apps

Embedded Analytics

35 custom FRICE Objects