Transforming to an intelligent enterprise with SAP S/4 HANA

~Transitioning towards an intelligent enterprise involves further automating manual operations, identifying potential risks and strategic competition analysis~

With digitisation being the buzzword among global enterprises, a large number of business heads have allocated significant time and budgets in digitally transforming their core processes.

The move seems to be in the right direction as it has empowered them to effectively utilize data for unprecedented business agility, transparency and risk mitigation.

With the emergence and aggressive adoption of disruptive technologies including AI, Machine Learning etc., business decision-makers are also brainstorming about moving towards the next level- maturing from a digital to an intelligent enterprise.

Transitioning towards an intelligent enterprise involves further automating manual operations, identifying potential risks and strategic competition analysis.

As per a survey by SAP, 90 percent of 2500 c-level executives are of the strong opinion that AI is pivotal for the success of their companies in the coming five years. What gets promising here is that 60 percent of these surveyed executives plan to implement AI in the coming 12 months.

Business Transformation To An Intelligent Enterprise

SAP’s definition of an intelligent enterprise involves empowering corporations to harness the potential of disruptive technologies to gain the next level of intelligence capabilities.

To augment the business value of these technologies and shrink disruption, organisations must evolve into intelligent business processes which integrate business operations with cutting edge technologies and solutions.

Intelligent Enterprises also utilize the well-synchronised end to end processes which quickly adapt to changing business scenarios. Such businesses can swiftly react to new opportunities, enhance customer interactions and enable their workforce to focus on high-value operations and also realise new business opportunities and revenue streams.

In an intelligent enterprise decision-makers should have seamless access to systems from any device and anywhere across the globe. The systems should be able to-:

  • Prioritize business operations
  • Enable advice on tackling problems
  • Automate simple and repetitive tasks to enhance business efficiency
  • Offer detailed actionable insights for making the best business decisions

What’s exciting is that as Intelligent Enterprises shape new customer experiences they are also transforming employee experiences at the same time as only motivated and happy teams deliver delighted customers.

By embarking on the Intelligent Enterprise journey you make it convenient for your workforce to offer exceptional customer service and connect them to a more valuable purpose. As you go through this article, an intelligent data-driven economy is maturing around us with intelligent enterprises being its growth engine.

It is also important to highlight that Intelligent Enterprises rely on more than technology. It demands a calculated combination of right tools, skills and work culture within the organisation along with right stakeholder partnerships.

To effectively harness smart technologies requires a well trained and motivated workforce. That workforce must have access to the right workplace tools to boost transformation and productivity which only a top SAP implementation vendor in India can furnish.

The technology partner for SAP S/4HANA implementation should have a credible and trustworthy record. Since there are extensive risks associated with a major technology transformation, a business with an objective to transform as an intelligent enterprise should be highly meticulous in its approach.

Setting the stage with SAP S/4 HANA

Being a successful enterprise in the digital era demands a disruptive approach and SAP S/4 HANA implementation sets the framework for businesses to realise their vision of an intelligent enterprise. The solution is serving as the foundation for trendsetting innovation as businesses juggle with new disruptive technologies.

S/4 HANA implementation partners have enabled countless global corporations to integrate the changing customer demands with operational processes for real-time insights on how to improve customer, product, employee and brand experiences.