Patients are increasingly taking control of their health approaches and demanding therapies that provide promised outcomes. Personalized medicines are emerging at faster rates, with higher price points and improved patient results. Being able to provide outcome-based patient engagements and connect with patients directly becomes paramount. Traditional blockbuster drug sales models will be supplanted with personalized therapy treatments, driving life sciences companies to evolve business models to more of a patient-lifecycle service-based context.
Providing therapeutic outcomes at lower costs is transitioning traditional, fragmented value chains to new ecosystems that integrate suppliers, contractors, and regulatory agencies.
Today, counterfeit drugs represent about 30% of the drug supply outside of the developed world. Unsustainable healthcare costs are driven by complex channel models and R&D investments.
The nature of R&D processes will transition to become increasingly patient-centric and compressed, with the intersection of technology and biology speeding up and decentralizing research opportunities across collaborative networks.

Action Plan
Embracing the opportunities from new technologies and implementing the right business initiatives will be the foundation for successful digitalization transformation and staying ahead of the innovation curve.
The Intelligent Enterprise framework is a suite of intelligent business applications that use intelligent technologies and can be extended on a digital platform. This enables next- generation business processes to deliver breakthrough business value on our customers’ journey to becoming intelligent enterprises. Implementing SAP S/4HANA will enables life sciences companies to prioritize customer orders more reliably and efficiently while providing valuable insights into the order management process to avoid delayed deliveries and to help ensure on-time delivery.
Life sciences companies can also use SAP solutions to provide end-to-end traceability for finished goods, optimize supply chain transparency across the enterprise as well as “shop floor to top floor” connectivity for real-time visibility. Subsequent steps could extend cold chain and manufacturing capabilities by adding predictive and smart-device technologies. Planning and execution capabilities will be intelligently transformed by integrating multiple characteristics related to ingredients, and distribution constraints will connect manufacturing, logistics, and supply chains to fully support complex global demands.
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