Mitigating the COVID Era with digital excellency

As COVID-19 continues to push enterprises to their limits, business heads are struggling to find the new normal in the business domain. With plunging market demands and major disruptions in supply chains, the industry players are juggling and experimenting through various measures to survive and thrive.

And while a lot of corporations are on the verge of a shutdown, a few have managed to not just mitigate the pandemic’s impact but to bank on new opportunities in the prevailing crisis.

For instance, Intellect Bizware adopted a highly digital approach embracing smart solutions and work from home policies to mitigate the COVID-19 business impact to its bare minimum.

We also ensured the business continuity of our esteemed clientele with a well-defined mobility and cloud-driven approach as well as new HR policies for project managers.

A glimpse into our COVID-19 business continuity measures

As an IT solution and support enabler, Intellect Bizware operates in a data- intensive domain with each project incorporating thousands of documents and terabytes of information exchange. In such a scenario our business enabling solutions including ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM etc. played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless interdepartmental collaboration in a work from home scenario.

For businesses eyeing to replicate our success journey during the ongoing pandemic, we recommend some fundamental policy changes which can keep business disruption at bay-:

Customer engagement

It is important for business heads to ensure a seamless collaboration of project focussed teams including sales and delivery. Unprecedented customer support is the need of the hour to restore the client’s confidence in your organisation

Another important measure for businesses is to ensure the least disruptions in communication chains. This can be achieved with organising flexible client meetings, delivering works reports on a daily basis and ensuring round the clock customer support even while working from home.

It is also important for organisations to not lose focus on data security as new work policies come into play. The devices used by employees must have restricted access to tools which are of their relevance only.

Reskilling employees

Reskilling the operations and sales teams and equipping them with a new set of remote working tools comes as an absolute necessity in the present era.

For enterprises to leverage maximum productivity in a work home scenario, it is important to make their workforce familiar and comfortable with remote working policies. Video training sessions at regular intervals will not only help them get a better grasp on remote working tools but will also comfort them in the ongoing pandemic.