Wakefit leverages SAP S/4HANA for an integrated business experience

New-age technologies are enabling companies to minimise administration challenges and give businesses the freedom to optimise and automate. With mounting compliances, lack of end-to-end visibility, and rising multi-branch operations, it is critical for enterprises to integrate their processes and streamline business cycles. Therefore, they need a feasible enterprise solution that promises better control and governance. The following case of a sleep solutions company looking to transform itself with a whole new software system demonstrates one such transformation.


Opportunities and Challenges

Wakefit is a research-driven, innovative sleep solutions company marching towards becoming a future-focused home solutions provider. The company aims to transform itself by featuring a line of products that will take it from the bedroom to all rooms: sofas, work desks, bookshelves, wardrobes, coffee tables, side tables, TV units, and shoe racks.

The objective of Wakefit is to capitalise on the opportunity to implement standard ERP across the company covering all assets, projects, and locations. Currently, Wakefit is looking to expand with its fully functional 14 Manufacturing Plants and 25 Warehouses, all covered in the deployment. Also, being in the E-commerce business, it needed a reliable integration between the portal and CRM. They aim to add flexibility through proper coordination of front and back offices in Bangalore, Jodhpur and Haryana. The challenges included long-term reliance on manual operations, which resulted in losing crucial man-hours and compromised accuracy in profit analysis. The lack of adequate inventory planning, manual profitability analysis, and lack of managing and processing revenues are other hurdles that the company faced.

The Solution

To achieve this goal, Walkfit adopted S/4 HANA with IS Retail: FICO, SD, MM, PP, QM, PM, DMS, FIORI and Embedded Analytics. The deployment included Intellect ConZoom which is an SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution and 200+ Accelerators. Also, the integration features in-house developed CRM, E-Commerce application, freight management, bank payment, E-Invoice portal and bar code scanner.


Since the company had no ERP solution across the organisation, the entire Order Execution was managed through an in-house developed CRM system integrated with E-Commerce Portal, Amazon, Flipkart, Freight Solution, Bank, PayU. With the decision to deploy S/4 HANA with IS Retail and Embedded Analytics, the company unlocked a host of SAP capabilities. The solution will help the company establish a robust inventory and production planning strategy.

Earlier the manual profitability analysis was limiting the potential due to consequential accuracy issues and delayed information. The solution simplifies and automated the profitability analysis to make it a quick function. The sourcing and reconciliation of departmental data is another challenge that was taking up a lot of resource time. The enterprise was functioning in the traditional model of paper and manual options to data which is skillfully automated now.

When all industries were taking a massive economic hit during the pandemic, Wakefit multiplied their revenues. However, the lack of technology to better manage and process revenues remained a significant issue. Further, the company is looking to expand with new plants and warehouses and requires a single-source platform to manage the routine operational integration.

With Intellect ConZoom – SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution deployment, Wakefit can expect a connected cycle of extracting insights. It will enable them to use advanced technologies and real-time analytics to establish faster processing through any device. Also, it will allow them to foster high scalability while reducing the development cost.
The solution is tested to perform for all these factors and will deliver concrete results in 3-4 months from the day of deployment.

Intellect Bizware’s job in crafting the digital journey for Wakefit

Intellect Bizware comes with rich domain knowledge and experience working with global organisations in ERP implementation. The team at Intellect Bizware has been beneficial for a seamless and swift deployment of the solution. As the world realises the endless benefits of digital transformation, strategic technology partners will be in high demand in the future.