Transforming HR functions for the long-lasting and future challenge-proofed journey using iTIMU solution

Today’s inevitable business circumstances have demanded enterprises to reimagine their current business model and explore digital possibilities to ensure survival. The pandemic has also placed limits on business affecting the overall functioning of the enterprise and its HR function. Given the current circumstances, there is a critical need for effective human resource management. A customized HR solution like iTIMU can enable businesses on various fronts to improve business processes and streamline an organization’s compliance strategy.

The employee communication channel is one of the most critical things for businesses to work out today. Enterprises face enormous challenges and limitations concerning the human resource process and employee communication system. Functions like training, appraisal, remuneration, attendance regularization, leave approvals, team availability, policies, holidays, announcements, financial requests such as reimbursement, loans & advances and maintaining employee handbooks are some of the significant aspects that might face challenges. By adopting advanced technological solutions, an enterprise can efficiently deal with these tasks and unlocks endless possibilities for their business.

Effective Time management –

The success of an enterprise is based on how the present time is utilized. Time management is all about managing the employee's efforts and channelling them to the best utilization of the limited time by identifying their goals and obstacles and finding ways to overcome them. The most effective way is to identify important tasks, dealing with deadlines, line up priorities, preparing action plans, eradicating paperwork and accelerating time-consuming tasks using technological insights. The timesheet feature of the highly interactive iTIMU app has enough potential to utilize time at level best and tackle all these tasks.

Seamless recruiting function

Recruiting the right talent has always been a crucial and challenging task for every organization. Recruiting the resources will help focus on the organization’s goal and maximize business output, rather than worrying about staff’s productivity. Employing an intelligent HR solution will enable companies to search, shortlist & select the best talent in minimal cycle time.

Effective employee management

Employers are the core asset of an organization as success is rooted in competent human resourcing. It is vital to safeguard their skills and to promote employee efficiency. Tracking employee productivity supports detecting significant issues in the whole human resource function. Tackling these issues increases efficiency and brings smoother communication. Advanced employee analytics supports organizations with real-time analytical data, which is further used to make effective decisions for better employee management.

COVID-19 has forced the employees to work remotely. With people getting comfortable, many are planning to stick with the current regime making employees more unpredictable. It has induced various challenges in the human resources process. The emergence of remote working has changed the dynamics of how human capital management demands a more nimble approach towards employee retention and recruitment.

Hence to accommodate this budding change, the future HR models need to become hybrid and in line with a remote workforce supported by robust technology. The risk management strategy of the HR process should be technology-driven with effective challenge mitigation. An enterprise must think about every aspect that will affect working efficiency and should look towards a massive ambit of technology for sustained growth and progress.

How Intellect Bizware’s solution supports Sustained transformation of HR functions

Today’s challenging world requires proactive technological assistance on every stage, and Intellect Bizware comes with highly effective, interactive and transformative solutions built with leading best practices and proficiency of many years. Our deployment process is smooth and quick, ensuring transparency and fast problem redressal. Also, the interactive and easy to use interface of the solution supports digital insight and transformation of the highest order.